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  Entrant Title Country Awards Image
  Majid Alamri AFIAP UPICROWN2 Start Oman Lofoten Exhibition Bronze Medal
  Majid Alamri AFIAP UPICROWN2 Pottery Maker Oman Lofoten Exhibition Gold Medal
  Sayed Ahmed Almosawi Poor Bahrain PSA honourable Mention
  Sayed Ahmed Almosawi Chains Bahrain Lofoten Exhibition Gold Medal
  Sayed Ahmed Almosawi Sadness Bahrain FIAP honourable Mention
  Sergey Anisimov tea drinking in tundra Russian Federation FIAP honourable Mention
  Christian Bothner Silence Germany NSFF Gold Medal best on land
  Stuart Chape Sadhu 3 Samoa FIAP honourable Mention
  Yuanhang Chen put out to sea China FIAP honourable Mention
  Lisong Chen morning fishing in dongjiang river China NSFF Gold Medal best on sea
  Yuanhang Chen morning mist China Lofoten Exhibition Silver Medal
  Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2 Cast Net in the Morning Macao PSA Gold Medal
  Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2 Li River Fisherman Lighting Macao Lofoten Exhibition Silver Medal
  Yau Ming Charles Ho EFIAP Buddha Blessing Hong Kong PSA Gold Medal
  Henrik R. Kristensen AFIAP Greenland Halibut Fisherman Denmark NSFF Gold Medal best on sea
  Nasser Malek AFIAP Faithless United Arab Emirates Lofoten Exhibition Bronze Medal
  Elek Papp MFIAP Wood carved truth Hungary UPI honourable Mention
  Alberto Porres EFIAP School Spain PSA honourable Mention
  Alexandr Romanov Bird of the North Russian Federation PSA honourable Mention
  Soren Skov EFIAP/s MSDF/S Sheep and Shepherd Denmark UPI honourable Mention
  Soren Skov EFIAP/s MSDF/S Cow Girl_ssk9224 Denmark FIAP honourable Mention
  Cam Suleyman AFIAP Pottery Master Turkey PSA honourable Mention
  Joao Taborda EFIAP PPSA Where is the Fish Portugal UPI honourable Mention
  Poey Cher David Tay FRPS MFIAP At home Singapore UPI honourable Mention
  Ahmet Remzi Tuluce AFIAP Shepherd Turkey Lofoten Exhibition Bronze Medal
  Ge Xiao AFIAP twilight Return China Lofoten Exhibition Bronze Medal
  dacai xie attractive morning China Lofoten Exhibition Silver Medal
  dacai xie galloping China Lofoten Exhibition Silver Medal
  Alfred Zommers AFIAP AAPS Grooming Australia UPI honourable Mention
  Margaret Zommers AFIAP AAPS Pashupatinath Temple-1 Australia PSA honourable Mention
  Yau Ming Charles Ho EFIAP Partners Hong Kong FIAP Gold Medal
  dacai xie winter herd China FIAP Gold Medal
  Alexandr Romanov Game on a pipe Russian Federation UPI Gold Medal
  Alfred Zommers AFIAP AAPS Ashen Sadhu Australia UPI Gold Medal
  Sayed Ahmed Almosawi Green Sadness Bahrain UPI Silver Medal
  Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2 After a busy fisherman Macao UPI Silver Medal
  Luis Alberto Franke EFIAP/s GMPSA Eulogio Argentina FIAP Silver Medal
  Yau Ming Charles Ho EFIAP Fire-crackers Show Hong Kong FIAP Silver Medal
  Zhongke Li heavy China PSA: Silver medal
  Alexandr Romanov Fillipok Russian Federation PSA: Silver medal
  Poey Cher David Tay FRPS MFIAP Fishing nets Singapore PSA Bronze Medal
  Li Wang Tending Sheep-1 China FIAP Bronze Medal
  dacai xie battle for the goal China FIAP Bronze Medal
  Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2 Peasant Woman Macao UPI Bronze Medal
  Weiwen Ou come back with the setting sun China UPI Bronze Medal
  Sergey Anisimov Friends Russian Federation BOFK Gold Medal Chairman's Choice
  Agatha Bunanta Back Home from Work Indonesia BOFK Gold Medal Chairman's Choice
  T-P Huynh AFIAP FAPS On the Way Home Australia BOFK Gold Medal Chairman's Choice
Accepted entries
  Entrant Title Image
  Luis Alberto Franke EFIAP/s GMPSA De Bueyes Perdidos
  Luis Alberto Franke EFIAP/s GMPSA El Herrador
  Luis Alberto Franke EFIAP/s GMPSA En La Matera
  Luis Alberto Franke EFIAP/s GMPSA En la Pulperia de Cacho
  Luis Alberto Franke EFIAP/s GMPSA En Lo De Bessonart
  Luis Alberto Franke EFIAP/s GMPSA La Costumbre De Oscar
  Luis Alberto Franke EFIAP/s GMPSA Viejo Almacen
  John Chapman EFIAP EPSA Grain Threshing
  T-P Huynh AFIAP FAPS Battling Wave-2
  T-P Huynh AFIAP FAPS fish-market
  T-P Huynh AFIAP FAPS Task At Dusk 3
  James Lu FAPS Angry Horse
  James Lu FAPS Glean
  James Lu FAPS Raffle Ticket Seller-bw
  James Lu FAPS Woo My God!
  Kristin Repsher The Lone Fisherman
  Alfred Zommers AFIAP AAPS Happy Worker
  Alfred Zommers AFIAP AAPS Off to Work
  Alfred Zommers AFIAP AAPS Pashupatinath Temple
  Alfred Zommers AFIAP AAPS The Potter
  Alfred Zommers AFIAP AAPS Washing Bricks
  Margaret Zommers AFIAP AAPS Lifes End
  Margaret Zommers AFIAP AAPS Loaded Dromandary
  Margaret Zommers AFIAP AAPS Sadhu Social
  Margaret Zommers AFIAP AAPS Varanasi Poverty
  Margaret Zommers AFIAP AAPS Woman at the Well
  Lucia Schneider Fischen auf Socotra
  Hanan Hassan Al-Khalifa AFIAP B3-children Waching
  Hanan Hassan Al-Khalifa AFIAP B4-women Readers
  Sayed Ahmed Almosawi Rkak
  Sayed Ahmed Almosawi Sponsor Sheep
  Sayed Ahmed Almosawi Traditional Cooking
  Roland Delahaye Les Pensée De Jacque Brel
  Joao Barbosa Young monks in Laos use the internet for the first time
  Dimitrina Vasileva Dimitrina_vasileva_el_molo_fisherman
  Dimitrina Vasileva Dimitrina_vasileva_motherhood and Childhood_rendille
  Dimitrina Vasileva Dimitrina_vasileva_turkana_feast_1
  Phillip Kwan FRPS EFIAP At the Hut
  Phillip Kwan FRPS EFIAP Husky Racer 29
  Phillip Kwan FRPS EFIAP Morning Walk
  Lisong Chen For the glory
  Yuanhang Chen harvest season
  Yuanhang Chen in front of the door
  Yuanhang Chen under the setting sun
  Zhongke Li fun of kids
  Zhongke Li ones way home
  Weiwen Ou morning herd
  Li Wang Bridge in Snow-1
  Li Wang Fishing on Li River-1
  Li Wang Herding Horse
  Li Wang Morning Sunlight
  Li Wang Natural Painting-1
  Ge Xiao AFIAP Camels and Arabs Intimacy
  Ge Xiao AFIAP Masai Village at Dusk
  Ge Xiao AFIAP Mirth
  Ge Xiao AFIAP Pastoral
  Ge Xiao AFIAP shooting
  dacai xie autumn harvest
  dacai xie dragon fire dancing
  dacai xie spring
  Jorn B. Hede AFIAP Corn Sheaf
  Jorn B. Hede AFIAP Ploughing
  Jorn B. Hede AFIAP Saag
  Helle Lorenzen AFIAP face_to_face
  Helle Lorenzen AFIAP the corner
  Stefan Nielsen AFIAP Mother and Child
  Finn Regil EFIAP ESDF Vietman 2013
  Soren Skov EFIAP/s MSDF/S Firefighters
  Soren Skov EFIAP/s MSDF/S No.67
  Soren Skov EFIAP/s MSDF/S Shoeshiner_ssk_8709
  Soren Skov EFIAP/s MSDF/S Street Trading_ssk_9047a
  Soren Skov EFIAP/s MSDF/S Washerman
  Ole Suszkiewicz MFIAP EFIAP/p Bathing Girls
  Ole Suszkiewicz MFIAP EFIAP/p Old Farm
  Tony Potter EFIAP/g GMPSA Pavement Cafe
  Tony Wills ARPS EFIAP Sami with Reindeer
  Seppo Hynninen EFIAP Boats of Paanajärvi
  Seppo Hynninen EFIAP Saturday evening
  Vili Kuronen EFIAP/b Smiling Boy in Preschool
  Christian Bothner Reine
  Christian Bothner Sublime
  Yau Ming Charles Ho EFIAP A Farmer's House
  Yau Ming Charles Ho EFIAP Crossing the Forest
  Yau Ming Charles Ho EFIAP Pray for a Wish
  Elek Papp MFIAP Embrace of trees
  Sanghamitra Sarkar Enjoying the Rain Together
  Sanghamitra Sarkar Exchange of Smile
  Sanghamitra Sarkar Good Bye
  Agatha Bunanta Before the Ceremony
  Agatha Bunanta Cremation Parade 2
  Agatha Bunanta Offering to the Temple
  Agatha Bunanta Preparing Food
  Agatha Bunanta Traditional Life in Village
  Agatha Bunanta Traditional Offering
  Riccardo Villa Fireplace
  Riccardo Villa Risaie 1
  Riccardo Villa Tea for You
  Abdulrahman Alterkait Alone, in the Mud House
  Abdulrahman Alterkait Harvest Tea
  Abdulrahman Alterkait Misery and Suffering
  Abdulrahman Alterkait Simple Life
  Jean-Louis Gelhausen Himba mama cooking evening meal
  Jean-Louis Gelhausen Young Himba lady with her child
  Willy A Suys MFIAP PPSA The net
  Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2 Dai Ethnic Sisterhood
  Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2 Early Morning Fisherman
  Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2 Nepal Ascetic
  Sio Hong Fong AFIAP UPICr2 Take a Hoe Peer
  Daniel Lybaert EFIAP/p Drie schapen
  Daniel Lybaert EFIAP/p Garnalenvissers
  Anne-Cathrine Bernhoft Doing Laundry - India
  Anne-Cathrine Bernhoft Tibetan Monks
  Walter Dragland Stupid
  Terje Kolbeinsen AFIAP Traditional Farming
  Roald Synnevåg EFIAP/b In the ghetto
  David Wrangborg Cabin Trip
  Ove Aalo PFP Fra Hovden
  Majid Alamri AFIAP UPICROWN2 Fisher3
  Majid Alamri AFIAP UPICROWN2 Fisher6
  Majid Alamri AFIAP UPICROWN2 Fisher8
  Majid Alamri AFIAP UPICROWN2 Small Farmer
  Majid Alamri AFIAP UPICROWN2 Teaching the Holy Quran
  Majid Alamri AFIAP UPICROWN2 The Great Escape
  Adam Ksieniewicz I'm Leaving
  Adam Ksieniewicz Woman on the Street
  Joao Taborda EFIAP PPSA Pasturing
  Joao Taborda EFIAP PPSA Transporting the Tea
  Sergey Anisimov Child of Yamal
  Sergey Anisimov Tasty Bread
  Alexandr Romanov Children of the Arctic
  Alexandr Romanov Doctor Cervine
  Alexandr Romanov Jump Through the Head
  Alexandr Romanov Mother's Children
  Alexandr Romanov Way Home
  Stuart Chape Bhutan Festival 1
  Stuart Chape Paddlers
  Ahmed Alibrahim Dignified Man
  Ahmed Alibrahim Pray 2 BW
  Ahmed Alibrahim Pray 4
  Poey Cher David Tay FRPS MFIAP Cooking together
  Poey Cher David Tay FRPS MFIAP High noon
  Poey Cher David Tay FRPS MFIAP Lonely sisters
  Poey Cher David Tay FRPS MFIAP Morning glory
  Poey Cher David Tay FRPS MFIAP Washing
  Tomaz Velechovsky EFIAP Barber's Shop
  Iosu Garai AFIAP Bakardadearen Arima
  Iosu Garai AFIAP Biharko Jana
  Iosu Garai AFIAP Kearteko Sukaldea
  Alberto Porres EFIAP Craft Paint
  Alberto Porres EFIAP Fetching Water
  Alberto Porres EFIAP Fishing
  Alberto Porres EFIAP Himba BN
  Alberto Porres EFIAP Horses Drag
  Alberto Porres EFIAP Sifthing Wheat
  Alberto Porres EFIAP Working
  Vickum Senanayake AFIAP Contemplation
  Vickum Senanayake AFIAP Struggle on Stilts
  Ayyildiz Seraceddin Adam279
  Ayyildiz Seraceddin Kadin357
  Cam Suleyman AFIAP Being Women in Anatolia VI
  Cam Suleyman AFIAP Contruction Stage
  Cam Suleyman AFIAP Ice Cream
  Cam Suleyman AFIAP Les Coqs
  Ahmet Remzi Tuluce AFIAP Charcoal Makers-2
  Ahmet Remzi Tuluce AFIAP Charcoalmakers-1
  Ahmet Remzi Tuluce AFIAP Earthenpotter
  Tacettin Yuksel AFIAP Amigo
  Tacettin Yuksel AFIAP Serpme
  Nasser Malek AFIAP 1276
  Tien Ho-Anh Simple Happiness
  Tien Ho-Anh Through Forestry
  Nguyen Vu Phuoc Dancing on the flower farm
  Nguyen Vu Phuoc LoLo People on the highland
  Nguyen Vu Phuoc Warm house